Do your financial strategies work for everyone?

These strategies work for everyone who has an income. It matters not whether you are an employee, entrepreneur, investor; if you are risk-averse or not, in debt or debt-free, these strategies can work for you. However, they will not work for people who have no income, or who receive less than their living expenses.

What more can you share with me about these financial strategies?

Please read the report we have included here for your review. Remember, there is no one specific financial strategy for everyone – there are many to choose from. This report will explain the underlying approach of our financial strategies and also how our strategies are different from many of the other strategies out there.

I have read books/blogs on personal finance. How is this different?

We highly recommend you read the report as it was specially written to address this and other personal finance questions. We believe that this short report will open your eyes and address issues that you, and in fact most people, have never previously thought about regarding personal finance.

What investment strategies do you discuss?

For the most part our financial strategies have nothing to do with “investing” or “living below your means” as strategies. There are already many articles, blogs and gurus recommending those strategies. Our focus is very specific and is discussed in detail in the easy to read report we provide for you at no cost.

What guarantees do you offer regarding your financial strategies?

Nada. None. Zip. We do not offer or make any guarantees about our financial strategies. We are researchers, financial nerds if you will, who love doing this. We are proud and happy to share our findings with you. We do not guarantee anything. We are not financial advisors either. Consequently we don’t offer advice. However, we do believe our financial strategies can and will, if used, have a huge impact on your financial life and the financial lives of future generations. Remember, most people have no clue these strategies exist.

What are your normal business hours?

We are open Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm PST except for federal holidays.

I want to cancel during my 15-day money back guarantee period, what should I do?

Email us at [email protected] to cancel your membership. If you are trying to cancel within a specific period, we will use the time stamp on email to determine if you are within that period and cancel your membership as appropriate.

What is your Guarantee, Cancellation and Return Policy?

You have 15 calendar days to request a full 100% refund from the date you purchased. We will initiate a refund to  your credit card (or original method of payment).  You will receive the credit within a certain amount of days,  depending on your card issuer’s policies.

What is your support phone number?

We do not offer phone support. We have found we can provide the most efficient service when our entire team can access and respond to an issue via email. Our email is [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions