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When you join our FYNANC ACADEMY, you’ll immediately get access to our “vault” of some of the world’s most innovative and lower-risk financial strategies – all in one place.

These financial strategies were hand-selected for their ability to be quickly implemented while requiring little maintenance. This includes exact implementation steps that you can instantly apply to enhance your financial peace-of-mind while moving you towards financial security.

Here is a SAMPLING of some of the powerful financial strategies:

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What Problem Does This Solve?

In the last 10 years, our founder has been invited to speak in front of large crowds on financial strategies. He has spoken in front of tens of thousands of people, and interacted with hundreds on a one-on-one basis.

Here’s what he observed.

Most people…

  • Practice “hope and pray” investing.
  • Are “winging it”.
  • Are placing their hard-earned money under too much risk without knowing it.
  • Are BETTING their future on Wall Street.
  • Don’t realize they are competing with the “financial system” and there is no way for them to win.
  • Attend seminars where they are asked to spend their non-working times selling opportunities, chasing hard to find deals, or spend their hard-earned money on “get-rich-quick” schemes that don’t work.

Are you one of them?

Unfortunately, most people won’t recognize that until they retire – at which point their earning potential has dropped significantly.

It’s the all too-common stories we all hear from people who worked hard all their lives and have little to show for it at the end, and the words “I wish I knew this years ago” that finally made us take action. 

That’s why FYNANC was created.

FYNANC continues to build one of the largest “vaults” of innovative and researched financial strategies for the working professional.

How We Do It?

We are a think tank of financial nerds (financial experts, accountants, CFOs, teachers, etc.) who thrive on finding shortcuts in the financial system. We are constantly researching and verifying existing and new powerful financial strategies from some of the top financial minds. We do that for ourselves and for our customers.

These shortcuts are not “invest” or “live below your means” strategies, but rather powerful financial strategies that can have a significant impact on your financial well-being.

We then add these diamonds-in-the-rough and researched strategies into our “vault”.

In our vault, you will find out the exact steps to implementing these strategies, what to look out for, any cost to be aware of, the long-term financial benefits, who are the experts (if any) you should be talking to for help, such as your local accountant, attorney, etc.



Our Modular Method

Our approach to training and implementation is a very bite-sized step-by-step approach, built from the ground up with the working professional in mind. These training modules (which we call “building blocks”) allow you to quickly learn and implement from our self-paced video training and downloadable guides.

Every module is self-contained – it can be learned and implemented within a few hours. Each has a measurable impact on your net worth that is discussed in the beginning of every training module. Some can be well into the 6-figures over your lifetime, possibly more (we call them the “$100k training modules”). Some modules enhance the inner workings of other modules.

There are people that have built their entire fortune off of a few of those modules. You get them all with this program.

Join Our Community

On The Same Journey

As part of our success model, we deliver the 3 core things for improving our customers success –


It all starts with great training, followed by step-by-step implementation guides, and finally a community of people supporting each other on the same journey. This allows for depth and immersion that comes from embarking upon a journey of growth together. Interact, connect, share your stories and learn from your fellow members.


Who Is This For?

These innovative financial strategies were hand-selected for the working professional.

The lessons are broken up into modules that can be consumed and implemented quickly. If you are a full-time employee, contractor, executive or business owner, this was built from the ground up for you.

We know you are busy. We know you have a life to live. We know you want a lot more out of life than you probably have, and we are not referring to money here as your end goal, but rather a way to live a life of passion, fulfillment, and significance. We want to be the company that helps elevate you to live that life by supporting you with the right financial strategies to give you the financial security to focus on your life goals.


Give it a try. Test it.
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That’s right…

Get immediate access to ALL training modules we have at this time (more are added every quarter).

However, our sincere hope is that you test-drive this and you will love what you see and choose to stay as this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Again, if not, that’s okay.

If you “get it” and continue as our member, you will automatically be renewed at our member rate of $1297 per year, and start getting access to this goldmine of researched and proven financial strategies that start working immediately once you implement them.

This is a paltry sum when compared to what you’ll make when you implement just ONE of the training modules you see above.

What Am I


As a subscriber, you get:

  • Instant access to hours of premium training videos
  • Access to quick implementation step-by-step guides, resources, and forms.
  • Interact with online community members
  • Q&A sessions with your trainers.
  • Implement on-the-go as you learn financial strategies.
  • Email support.
  • Special invitations to any VIP events.
  • Gain knowledge and take control of your finances
  • Among many other things.

$1297 Per Year

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If for any reason you aren’t satisfied, please ask for your money back. That’s how confident we are about this having an impact on your financial life.

For your subscription, get immediate access to ALL training modules.


  • Access to some of the world’s best financial strategies that you can instantly apply.
  • Access videos, step-by-step guides and resources.
  • Interact with the community and your trainers.
  • Start building financial security in your life.
  • Lock in your membership rate for life (as long as you are an active member)