White List Our Email

Not receiving your emails from Fynanc?

Follow these simple steps to ensure you never miss a chance to change your financial trajectory.

1. Check your spam folder:

The first step in white listing an email is to check your spam folder to make sure the emails you want to white list are actually arriving in your inbox.

Do a search for info@fynanc.com and support@fynanc.com

2. Mark the email as not spam:

Once you have identified the email address you wish to white list, mark it as “not spam” or “not junk”, and someone you want to hear from via email. This will help your email provider recognize it as a legitimate email address.

3. Add the email address to your contact list:

Adding these email addresses to your contact list further confirms that you will get your emails from us. Most email providers use contact lists to determine which emails should be routed to your inbox and which should be blocked.

4. Create a filter:

You can create a filter function to ensure that emails from the address you’re white listing always arrive in your inbox.

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