Create Clarity On Your Wealth Journey | First Principles Thinking Part 1

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Are you overwhelmed by the constant barrage of investment advice from all directions? Do you wish you had more confidence, clarity, and certainty about your finances? If so, you’re not alone. In this short video series hosted on the Wealth Amplifier Channel by George Antone, we will explore how you can achieve just that Using First Principles Thinking.

Understanding the Noise

The information age has radically changed the way that we consume information. The smartphone in your pocket is a gateway to humanity’s collective consciousness. And that’s a lot to process. Nobody can deny that access to information is a powerful tool in your arsenal as an investor, but you can have too much of a good thing.

Imagine for a moment that you are writing a complex math test. Rather than sitting in a quiet room, you are in your living room, the television is blaring, your phone is ringing, and you have 100 unopened emails pouring into your inbox. You also have five other people standing around yelling suggestions about how to solve the problems presented in the paper. How do you think you would perform on this test?

As an investor, you are tasked with solving complex problems that could affect your and your family’s financial future. However, you are trying to make these decisions while bombarded with distracting and often conflicting messages from every direction. Naturally, it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

So, how do you empty the room, shut off the noise, and create the physical, mental, and emotional environment you need to achieve clarity?

The answer is simple: First Principle Thinking.

What is First Principle Thinking?

First principle thinking, often called “principle-first thinking,” is a problem-solving technique that requires you to break down a complex problem into its most basic, foundational elements. The idea is to ground yourself in foundational truths and work from there.

When faced with a complex problem, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by your emotions, preconceived ideas, assumptions, and information overload. First principle thinking encourages you to shut down the ‘noise’ and base your decisions on established, proven universal truths.

Learning the Principles – First

Physicists use first principle thinking to solve some of the most complex problems in the universe. However, as expected, one needs a strong foundation in physics to use this technique effectively.

When applying first principle thinking in finance, you need a strong foundation in wealth principles – or the universal truths that govern the entire modern financial system.

George Antone and the Fynanc team have more than 30 collective years of experience teaching wealth principles to investors. As an investor, once you understand these wealth principles, you can use principle first thinking in all your investment decisions.

What does this mean for your success as an investor?

Traditionally, investors would discover a new asset class, such as real estate, stocks and bonds, or cryptocurrency. You would then spend months, if not years, learning how to successfully include these assets in your portfolio. This process is very risky, as you often learn through trial and error. Making mistakes can cost you thousands of dollars and will slow you down.

In contrast, once you understand the fundamental wealth principles, you can apply these principles to any asset in any market. It does not matter what asset you are dealing with as long as you can identify the key factors that govern any deal and make investment decisions accordingly.

Achieving Financial Clarity

Every person that is actively engaged in the economy is on a journey. Typically, you start your journey with huge potential and lots of time but little experience and capital. As you develop in your career, your earning potential will increase – but so will your expenses. Towards the end of your journey, you will have a lot of experience but little time, and your earning potential will decrease as you consider retirement.

Mastering wealth principles and using first principle thinking will allow you to optimize your potential, time, and capital at every step of your wealth journey. It will enable you to shut down the noise, make informed decisions about your wealth, and give you the clarity you need to know exactly where you are and what you need to do to achieve your goals.

Watch Part 2 in this series, where George will explain how first principle thinking can drastically alter your wealth journey, no matter where you are on the path.

If you want to learn more about Wealth Principles, watch the following episode on the Wealth Amplifier.

If you are ready to achieve your goals faster, safer, and with more certainty, join us for our upcoming workshop:

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