Who we are

Our story began as part of the team building the world’s premier personal finance software

Next, we pioneered the everyday application of banking, lending, and real estate strategies.

Now we’ve brought it all together into our proprietary AI-backed platform. Packaged into a done-with-you-model.

We work with you to implement these strategies in your own life.

Our promise to you

We’re on a mission to create financial happiness

A lifestyle where an investor’s personal finance system amplifies the experiences, relationships, and impact that fulfill them

Who we are

George Antone

Chief Financial Nerd

George Antone is the founder and CEO of Fynanc LLC (pronounced “finance”), a company developing cutting-edge financial technology and innovative investment strategies geared towards enabling people to reach financial freedom, faster, safer, and with more certainty.

George, a three-time best-selling author, was also a contributor to the development of the world’s first fintech, and most popular personal finance software, Quicken by Intuit Corp.

He is widely recognized as a leading expert in the field of real estate investing, and is a popular keynote speaker at financial and real estate events nationwide.

For almost two decades, George has helped many individual investors achieve financial success through his trainings and leadership, a project he continues to successfully achieve to this day.

Swanee Heidberg

Master Juggler and Drama Eliminator

Swanee makes sure our Chief Financial Nerd lives a balanced life, from sitting in front of his spreadsheet working on the things that impact our customers’ financial lives, to taking the time to head over to the beach and enjoy his life. She juggles to keep things operating smoothly, from scheduling, managing tasks, drama elimination… and happens to be the “Chief Listener” for the team.

Cara Savino

Master of Disaster and Problem Solving

Cara’s main goal is supporting our customers with their memberships. She greets them like family, assists them in tapping into all our offerings, and helps move them forward. She is also our customers’ #1 self-appointed advocate.

Willie Hooks

The Wise One

Known as “Yoda”, Willie has been instrumental in advising us on the direction of the company and solutions we offer our clients. Willie offers ongoing guidance to build the company that reflects our values and beliefs. Willie has helped thousands of people, including our clients, reach new heights in their financial goals through his mastery of inner game work.

Alex Tanasescu


Alex helps communicate our offerings to our customers and our prospects through emails, website and all marketing materials. Alex thrives on communicating our uniqueness and excitement to the world.

Jenny Peterson

Master Organizer

Jenny helps the company make sure all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed to ensure our products are the best in the industry. Jenny thrives on organization, and she works closely with the marketing department to help them stay organized and on track.

Nicole Barnes

Magic Maker

Nicole is the MasterChef of the marketing department, cooking up all things pretty. She is a writer, designer, editor, and general mischief maker, ensuring that we look and sound as good as we are as a team.

Meet our coaching team

Charles Oese

Charles Oese (known as “Chuck” to his family & friends) lives in the foothills of Colorado. He has been happily married to his wife, Jenn, for 19 years and has two children, one in middle school and one in high school. Currently, Chuck works as a Captain for the fire department in a ski resort town where he has worked for 25 years. Since becoming involved in the Fynanc community, he has found financial freedom and understands what George Antone means by ‘Financial Happiness.’

Chuck started his journey to building passive wealth as a part-time real estate investor. He experienced minimal success until he discovered the Epic Wealth Program and started implementing the strategies he learned.

Chuck restructured his long-term rental portfolio to a short-term rental model and focused the Epic Wealth strategies on his portfolio to exponentially increase his monthly cash flow in just a few years. Chuck looks forward to living the many “perfect days” ahead. He is honored to be a coach in the Fynanc community and is excited to help others achieve their own financial happiness and success in the program.

Heather Russo

Heather has studied personal finance for more than 30 years and mastered wealth strategies for the last six years by learning from George Antone and Fynanc.

She has both won and lost in business in the past, but after digging herself out of major debt, she realized that the key to growing wealth is to get her money to work for her instead of against her.

Heather decided she needed to find a better way and found the answers she was looking for in George Antone’s teachings. She enrolled in the Epic Wealth program and came to appreciate the macroeconomics that determines how money really works, and how to get it to work in her favor.

By implementing what she has learned from the Fynanc programs, she has achieved financial freedom and now supports others on their own journeys as a coach with Fynanc.

Heather Warf

Heather was raised in an investing family and started pursuing the goal of financial freedom from a young age. She attended UT Martin, where she developed her passion and understanding of business and economics, earning degrees in both finance and management.

In 2018, Heather came across George Antone and realized that the key to achieving her financial goals lay in the systems and methods taught in the Fynanc programs. She immediately took advantage of the many opportunities to learn and grow her knowledge and began implementing the approach in her wealth-building journey.

In 2021, Heather joined the Fynanc team and now leads the Family Bank Brain Trust. She is a Certified I.R.I.S. Specialist and assists members of the Epic Wealth Program with their customized plans to provide them with a roadmap to reach their financial goals faster, safer, and with less stress.

Jean Hanham

Jean took the leap from a successful corporate career to entrepreneurship in 2010. For over a decade, she has built her life focused on doing what she enjoys most, which is coaching, training, facilitating, investing in real estate, private money lending, honing her skills in Fynanc, and making a positive difference in the lives of others.  

Jean’s engaging communication style, infectious smile, and positive energy create a dynamic, safe space for getting to the heart of what is needed to help students move forward with clarity. Her coaching style is to keep it real and always enjoy the process. She brings a wealth of knowledge and years of experience to her students.

Jean loves meaningful conversations, the outdoors, country music, sushi, a good old-fashioned belly-laugh and spending time with her family, friends and miniature poodle, Calvin.

Jordan Cooper

Jordan is an investor, lender, developer, Epic Wealth Coach, full-time entrepreneur and personal financier. With over 22 years in construction and creative finance, Jordan has helped to develop, construct, and finance projects valued at over half a billion dollars, ranging from high-rises and industrial buildings to hotels and single-family homes.

In October 2021, Jordan joined the Epic Wealth community and took immediate action to implement the teachings in the Epic Wealth Program. He immediately saw the true power and consistency in the program and joined the Fynanc team as an Epic Wealth Coach.

Jordan is passionate about helping others change their lives for the better and gets to do this every day while coaching. He credits his success to the straightforward, systematic, easy-to-follow program and the continued support and guidance of the entire Fynanc community and team.

Monica Decker

Monica earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in community service before spending fifteen years working as a mental health professional. She was searching for a way to control her destiny and impact lives. When Monica discovered Robert Kiyosaki’s education company, she pushed past her fear and took action to begin her entrepreneurial journey. 

The first company she built was a real estate investment firm that grew her extensive expertise with marketing, performing real estate rehabs locally and remotely, building nationwide teams, single and multi-family buy and hold, creative deal structure, and business processes.

Monica was inducted into the Rich Dad Poor Dad International Hall of Fame in just two short years. In 2016, she began consulting for the company as a trainer, mentor, and coach. Monica is also an Everything DiSC® Authorized Partner, The Five Behaviors® Authorized Partner, and certified in the Robbins-Madane Strategic Intervention Method. 

Monica’s unique background, skill set, and perspective as a mental health professional allow her to help students overcome their worries, self-doubts, and anxiety to transform their goals and dreams into reality.  Her coaching philosophy is to get students to take appropriate action, overcome fear, and prioritize time and resource management. She holds each student accountable for achieving massive results.  Monica enjoys training and coaching within the Fynanc program because of the financial peace and sense of security students feel when applying the strategies taught. 

Monica resides in Puerto Rico with her husband and youngest son. She enjoys travelling, pickleball, scuba diving, snow skiing, and riding motorcycles in her free time. 

Ron Sheehan

Ron Sheehan lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. He married his wife Barb 29 years ago and has three adult children. Currently, Ron leads a consultancy of Lean / Six Sigma Practitioners working with the healthcare industry to simplify processes and improve stewardship of the national blood supply. Since becoming involved in the Fynanc community in 2015, he has learned that simplifying money processes improve financial stewardship. The Fynanc Amplifier approach allows him to do what no retirement planning has ever done – know his exact Freedom Date. Ron now has a personal financing system that creates ever-increasing monthly passive income. He’s also begun to use his financing system to pay for household expenses, freeing up his active employment income to purchase additional growth assets. According to Ron, the financial peace and certainty he found through the program have changed the atmosphere in his home and his and his family’s lives. He considers serving as a coach within the Fynanc community an honor and privilege.

Sonja Reichenberg

Sonja started her career as an IT professional. In 2009, she transitioned to pursue a path that would lead her to financial independence. She researched strategies that would support her goal, and after researching all the available options she could find, she decided to pursue her interest in real estate investing.

In addition to real estate, Sonja delved into mortgage notes, syndications, and stocks. She is most proud of applying her financial knowledge and principles by starting a “family bank” in 2016. She taught her children practical money concepts such as understanding and using family bank loans, retirement products, and how to preserve generational wealth.

In addition to her business interests, Sonja is passionate about mentoring others in pursuing financial freedom. Her ability to apply her financial experience and knowledge in practical situations makes her an exceptional coach. She guides her students past the theory to actively implement the strategies taught in the Epic Wealth Program. She is deeply invested in supporting people on their journey toward financial freedom.

To balance out the intensity of her day-to-day life, Sonja enjoys traveling with her husband and dog in their camper across the United States. Her goal is to visit all 50 states, and she has seen 29 states so far. Sonja is looking forward to supporting you in your Epic Journey.

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