At Fynanc (pronounced “finance”), we are on a mission to help people build wealth faster, safer, with more certainty.

We understand the difficulty and stress of navigating financial decisions alone. You don’t have to keep taking educated guesses and hoping it all works out in the future. Your future is not something to gamble with. That’s why we’ve developed a solution to guide you through the maze of the financial terrain.

It is crucial to have a mathematically proven path that leads you to achieve your financial goals in record time. We’re here to illuminate the path through the fog and ensure you’re heading in the right direction.

Transparency is a key.

Your wealth journey is about more than money. It’s about emotions, dreams, and aspirations coming to life. Transform your life from a place of doubt and hesitation to one of clarity, purpose, and abundance.

It’s time to confidently embrace your wealth journey and know exactly how fast you’re going to achieve your financial goals. Our approach is rooted in empathy, expertise, and empowerment. We are heart-driven and believe that everyone deserves financial peace of mind. Your journey is a result of every strategic decision you make, and we help you make better ones. Every decision. Every dollar. Every day. It matters to you, and it matters to us.


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Empower yourself with financial transparency and education to build wealth.

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Begin a path toward your financial freedom date with more clarity.

Enjoy More Financial Peace:

Live with more peace around your financial future.


FYNANC’s journey began when an undoubtable truth revealed itself. The vast majority of people investing today are using conventional strategies, ones that are mathematically proven to ensure they may never actually reach their goals. While a Lead Software Developer at Intuit, our Founder, George Antone, discovered this startling truth in the secret formula within the code. Finding this needle in a haystack, within a sea of personal finance software code, was life-altering.

This profound revelation wasn’t only shocking but an immediate call to action. It became a courageous mission to help people break the cycle and secure their finances. George surrendered the next decade of his life to meticulous research, and dedicated his time to diving deep into financial systems and strategies. He was determined to figure out what could be done to achieve financial freedom and have enough after a lifetime of work. He committed his life to find a way to break through the constraints of conventional investing methods and create a solution that was anchored in the foundation of mathematics. 

In order to even begin building true wealth, George discovered that everyone has a unique financial threshold they must surpass annually. This number needs to be understood and used efficiently. Once optimized, it can significantly increase the chances of you reaching your financial goals by unlocking the door to true wealth.

To avoid spending a lifetime of working hard and forging the wrong path, financial redirection is necessary. This fueled George to create a Financial GPS (Guided Prosperity System), to help individuals achieve their financial goals faster, safer, and with more certainty.

Since 2006, George and the FYNANC team have become mentors to tens of thousands of students, and have helped them understand their unique financial blueprint. Today, FYNANC stands as a beacon of hope that guides and empowers individuals through this new paradigm of intelligent wealth building.

George Antone Founder and CEO of Fynance
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