The Source Code: The Simple Formula for Financial Freedom

by | Sep 12, 2023

The path to financial freedom is challenging, and achieving financial goals can seem elusive for most investors. But what if you had a secret formula that explained why it’s so hard? A formula that, once understood, could be used to your advantage.

Today, we delve deep into the secret formula for to achieve your financial goals faster, safer and with more certainty.

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A Critical Wealth Principle

At the heart of this topic lies a fundamental wealth principle. Understanding this principle is critical, and it’s all about the breakeven point. Breakeven, in this context, is not about business, but about the rate of return on your investments needed to maintain your purchasing power amidst inflation and taxes.

The Mathematics Behind It

Don’t fret about the math, but it does paint a vivid picture. Here’s a simple breakdown:

R stands for the effective tax rate. This can be provided by your accountant.

stands for the inflation rate.

Taking an example where the effective tax rate is 30% and considering an arbitrary return rate of 6%, the break-even point is calculated as:

B = 0.06 / 1 – 0.3

This equates to roughly 8.57%.

This means you need to gain an 8.57% return, compounded annually, just to keep up with inflation and maintain your purchasing power.

If you’re seeing returns of, say, 6% or 7%, you’re actually losing purchasing power, even though you’re technically “making money”.

The Challenge of Building Wealth

The system is structured such that building wealth is genuinely challenging. Many financial experts might promise returns of 4% to 6%, but once you account for fees, taxes, and inflation, you’re hardly making progress.

The Reality Check

Imagine a scenario where a coffee costs a dollar today. To ensure you can still buy that same coffee when its price rises due to inflation, you need to maintain (or preferably increase) your purchasing power. If your investments only return 6% or 7% when you need 8.57%, your purchasing power shrinks. In the future, that same coffee might be unaffordable, despite seeing “growth” in your investment portfolio.

Diversifying Your Portfolio

Diversification is crucial. If half of your investments are in low-risk areas with returns of about 2%, the other half needs to work much harder to achieve the necessary average return. The challenge is figuring out where to invest to see compounded, consistent high returns, especially when the goal is just to maintain purchasing power, not even real wealth growth.

The Bottom Line

The stark reality is that the financial system makes it incredibly tough for individuals to build genuine wealth. While it might seem like your wealth is growing, inflation and taxes can erode purchasing power over time. Recognizing this and understanding the break-even formula is the first step to making informed decisions about your investments.

In our next video, we’ll dive deeper into strategies to beat this system. Until then, remember to focus on both making money and retaining purchasing power. The two aren’t always the same. Stay informed, stay vigilant, and always strive to understand the principles behind the numbers.

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Stay tuned for the next chapter in this financial journey!

Fynanc Team

At Fynanc (pronounced “finance”), we are on a mission to help people build wealth faster, safer, with more certainty.


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