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What do we do?

There is a fundamental problem in how we were told to build wealth. It’s broken. Wealth for most people is being wiped out at a faster rate than they can build it. Financial forces like inflation are compounding at a much faster rate than the wealth-building methods we were told to use, resulting in a significant erosion of our purchasing power.

We stand to fix that with proven strategies that banks and financial institutions have used for generations. We make these strategies available and implementable for everyone.

We help investors integrate our Amplified Strategies into their pursuit of financial happiness through training, technology, and one–on–one coaching.

Who are we?

Fynanc (pronounced “finance”) are thought leaders in the investing and finance space.  

Our team has a combined 100+ years of experience in the investing domain, which includes real-life experience, teaching, authoring, and building innovative fintech applications.

Through our real-life experiences, we have pioneered the everyday applications of banking, lending, and real estate strategies to create Amplified Portfolios. We have turned these strategies into a done-with-you training program designed to bring you to financial happiness quicker and with more certainty.

Why work with us?

The Fynanc Team is dedicated to delivering a one-of-a-kind experience for people committed to achieving financial happiness.

Everyone on our team started as a student, incorporating these strategies and principles into our daily lives. We are passionate about sharing our own success with the students that make up our community. We treat our students with the same level of respect, integrity, and honesty that we demand of ourselves. 

We define success not by how many programs we have sold, but rather by how many lives we have changed.

Ready exact to find out the day you’re financially free?

Reach out to us to learn more.

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